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CORONERS: Practice and Procedure

Author: Dr. Brian Farrell

This is the first comprehensive text on coroner's practice and procedure in the Republic of Ireland. The text will meet the demand of the legal and medical professions and the Garda Síochána for such a book.

Its publication is timely given the current debate on coroner's law and the fact that the service provided by coroners is currently under review. The author is a member of the review commitee.

This book aims to provide guidance for uniform practice by furnishing a full description of the governing coroners.

The book refers to all the statutory legislation including the Coroner's Act 1962 (annotated), the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 1989, the Criminal Law (Suicide) Act 1993, the Stillbirths Registration Act 1994 and the Criminal Justice (Location of Victims Remains) Act 1999 .


Chapter 1 History of the Coroner in Ireland
Chapter 2 The Office of the Corroner
Chapter 3 Jurisdiction of the Coroner
Chapter 4 The body: Powers and Duties
Chapter 5 Registration of deaths
Chapter 6 Reporting deaths to the Coroner
Chapter 7 Procedure following the report of a death to the Coroner
Chapter 8 Natural and unnatural death
Chapter 9 The post-mortem examination
Chapter 10 Preparation for the inquest
Chapter 11 The Jury
Chapter 12 Procedure at the inquest
Chapter 13 Witnesses at the inquest
Chapter 14 Rules of evidence and examination
Chapter 15 Record of verdict
Chapter 16 Judicial review
Chapter 17 Matters arising after the inquest
Appendices Forms and the Coroner's Act 1962